Rosewood Chakra mala - product image

Rosewood Chakra mala

Rosewood chakra mala

Crown Chakra (Green Aventurine) for Wisdom, Clarity, Self-Realization, Divine Connection
Third Eye Chakra (Lapis) for Sight, Pure Reality, Intuition, Insight
Throat Chakra (Reconstituted Turquoise) for Compassion, Listening, Communication
Heart Chakra (Rose quartz) for Gratitude, Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance
Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Jade) for Self Esteem, Empowerment and Personal Power
Sacral Chakra (Red Carnelian) for Wellness, Sexuality, Creativity
Root Chakra (Tiger Eye) for Survival, Confidence, Feeling Grounded

Beaded mala bracelet with chakra counters
108 rosewood beads plus single guru bead
Three sets of seven chakra gemstone beads
Mala is about 34 inches long, beads are each 8 mm